As well as retail trading online and at shows, Mistry Gems also offers Wholesale Handmade Gemstone Silver Jewellery Online UK . Initial contact can be made via email to discuss your needs and our terms and conditions, after which we can visit you or you can come and visit us in London. We will show you stock we have available, and you can select accordingly. Items may be priced by piece or by weight, depending on what it is. If you would like more pieces in a specific design, we can custom make these for you too.

Always on the hunt for Unusual Semi Precious Stones, we at Mistry Gems spend a great deal of time in India working with Stone Merchants and sifting through many bags of polished stones to find the right ones with great quality and markings as well as beautiful energies, as we want the wearer to feel the energies of the special Healing Crystal set into each piece. These stones are used by healers in Crystal Healing too, so it is only right that the jewellery we offer is from that perspective too. Please see the About Me page for more details on why this is important for us at Mistry Gems and more about how the business began.

Mistry Gems have many unusual Semi Precious Stones jewellery available. Popular ones include Moonstone Jewellery, Lapis Lazuli Jewellery, Peridot Jewellery, Turquoise Jewellery and Opal Jewellery, which are classed as birthstones too. The more unusual items include Purple Copper Turquoise Jewellery, Goldstone Jewellery and Green Copper Turquoise Jewellery.

Whether you are in business and wanting Wholesale Handmade Gemstone Silver Jewellery Online UK or just have a real interest in Ethical Fairtrade Unusual Semi Precious Stones jewellery set with Healing Crystals, you have reached the right reputable online store at Mistry Gems.