Vintage Collection

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If you are searching for vintage jewellery UK online for sale then look no further as you have reached the right vintage fashion jewellery store online. As well as simple designs, we at Mistry Gems offer some quirky, unusual designs on our vintage jewellery Website.

In the collection available online, there is a selection of vintage earrings, vintage pendants, and vintage gold jewellery, made from 925 sterling silver and then overlaid with 2 to 3 microns of Gold Plating to give a really unusual look.

Most of the pieces available have great attention to detail on the back of the piece too, which gives a really unique look. Inspiration comes from Turkish Jewellery designs going back to earlier decades, where jewellery had the feel of opulence and regality. Great attention to detail is placed on the setting of every single stone. Most items are set with Ruby, Emerald and Sapphire stones, mixed with CZ stones.

The Vintage Earrings and Vintage Pendants make a great accessory to any outfit for that special occasion, where you wish to stand out from the crowd, and feel real elegance whilst adorning these special jewels.

So if you are looking for Vintage Jewellery UK online for sale, you will find that we have created a low cost and elegant range of vintage jewellery styles inspired by vintage elegance with a modern twist in our Vintage Fashion Jewellery Store online at Mistry Gems.