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Handmade Silver Semi Precious Stone Rings available at very competitive prices in unusual settings and in a variety of different gemstones too.


Whether you are looking for a Gemstone Ring or plain Sterling Silver Spinning Rings, which also work well as Silver Thumb Rings for Women and men, Mistry Gems has it all available for you.


Sizes are shown in US sizing but can easily be converted to UK or European sizing using the comprehensive size chart available at the bottom of each page. If you are unsure of your actual ring size, why not use our ring sizer, also available at the bottom of the page. Just follow the instructions given, and then use that as a guide when buying your chosen ring. If your ring size is not available online, please do contact us via email or telephone, as we may well have the size in stock.


The Sterling Silver Spinning Rings are available in plain silver and in mixed metals too. In ancient Tibetan meditation practices, spinning rings were worn to help reduce tension levels and anxiety. The repetitive motion of playing with a spinning ring can help to relax and calm the mind.


There are many Gemstone Rings available, from popular stones such as Moonstone Rings,

Turquoise Rings, Labradorite Rings, Amethyst Rings, and Lapis Lazuli Rings, to the more unusual stones such as Green Copper Turquoise Rings, Blue Sandstone Rings, and Larimar Rings. Cut stones such as Blue Topaz Rings, Mystic Topaz Rings and even Aquamarine Rings are proving popular.


If you are looking for special Handmade Silver Semi Precious Stone Rings, please do browse through the extensive selection available online at competitive prices with Mistry Gems.