Mistry Gems Product Care

Product Care

As all stones are natural, fragile and set in 925 Sterling Silver, please take care not to overly knock the jewellery, as this can cause the setting to become loose and the stones to fall out, especially with rings.
*  Keep your jewellery away from too much hot or cold temperature.
*  Always apply your perfume and hairspray before wearing the jewellery.
*  Never wash dishes or do laundry with your jewellery on.
*  Do not cook or clean your house with household cleansers whilst wearing natural stone product.
*  Do not enter swimming pools with the jewellery as the chlorine can cause extensive damage.

A silver polishing cloth is recommended to maintain the shine and lustre of the silver. If you do not wear the jewellery very often, and leave it in your jewellery box, this may cause some minor tarnishing, which can soon be brought to life with the silver cloth.
If you would like a thorough clean of products purchased from Mistry Gems, do visit us at one of the events listed on the Mistry Gems events page, where we are more than happy to give the item a thorough clean with the special cleaning solution we use.
Try to store your jewellery separately, away from other jewellery so that it does not get scratched. It is suggested you wrap each piece in tissue before placing in your jewellery box.