About Mistry Gems

History of Mistry Gems

My name is Nayna Mistry and I am a Reiki healer/teacher and energy worker. I am also trained in teaching yoga, meditation and other spiritual practices. Mistry Gems (formerly known as Rainbow Accessories) was born in September 2006 after I had returned from a 15 month spiritual journey in India. I decided to buy a small collection of semi precious healing gemstone silver jewellery to offer to my holistic clients in the UK as a way for them to heal blocks identified in their energy centres after their healing sessions. At the same time, I thought I would also try to sell some of the gemstone silver jewellery pieces at local craft fairs and shows. From the positive feedback received, I embarked on creating gemstone silver jewellery, and so the company began.
About Mistry Gems

Ethos of Mistry Gems

The main objective of Mistry Gems is to offer for sale ethical, good quality, unique, handmade Gemstone jewellery, but from a healing perspective.

How we operate

Every year I visit Northern India where the stones have been amalgamated from all over the world at my stone suppliers. Many of the Gemstones are handpicked by me, with healing and quality in mind. Time is spent sifting through many bags of different grade gemstones in an attempt to discover the nice quality ones, which have good markings, great healing energies, and look and feel alive, as well as finding unusual stones not readily available. I then work with the stones back at the hotel, where I create unique designs for each and every gemstone. All designs and gemstones are then set into the beautiful jewellery pieces. The stones are all so unique in their markings and energies, you will never have two identical pieces.  The final jewellery pieces are then energised further and put out for sale at the various events we take part in throughout the year (Please see our calendar of events on the Events page).

The gemstones have their various healing properties (please see the healing properties page), and whether you are a believer or not, the healing will occur on a subtle level, working with your aura and energy centres, correcting whatever needs to be corrected.

Other Vital Information about Mistry Gems

We also sell to Trade and can offer Jewellery Parties too, so please do take a look at the relevant pages for more information on this.

We currently accept payment via paypal or if you wish to telephone me directly, I can take card payments over the telephone, and ship out the goods to you within 24 hours (so long as I am not away at an event).

For Ring purchases, please use the Ring Sizer offered and follow instructions precisely, as different design rings will fit differently, so we may have to send you a larger size than your normal finger size.

Thank you for visiting and happy shopping.